March is an amazing month. College basketball finally matters, spring starts and most importantly… St. Patrick’s Day. Oh boy, St. Patty’s Day is just an incredible time. Nothing gets me more excited then a day where I can be an unfiltered Irish American and pound Guinness literally all day.

There are more people in the United States who claim to be Irish then there actually are Irish in Ireland.

So obviously the Irish have entwined their legacy from 1776 to 2017. St. Patty’s of course is a big day of thanks to the man who expelled the snakes from Ireland and converted the Irish to Catholicism. Most recently it has become 17 days to celebrate the Emerald Isle. Thousands of parades are held across the country. You can be in nearly any city in the States and find people singing, dancing, wearing green and pounding Jameson. The Irish are so prominent in society that even if you’re not Irish yah gotta play along anyway.

Obama hammered.jpg

Of course I have to add a challenge to everyone to truly enjoy this magical month. For the next 17 days, do something a little Irish. Whether it’s having an Irish car bomb on Saturdays (don’t order one in Ireland, biiiiiig “No No“), waking your roommates up by playing the bagpipes , or purchasing yourself a nice pipe n’ tobacco. Enjoy yourself during this year’s March Madness and maybe the luck of the Irish will help you find a nice lass.