This week’s New York #WCW should give us all hope.

Why? Well, to say Chasen Schreve (arguably one of the coolest names in sports) is a handsome man is certainly arguable. He’s honestly just a regular looking dude. I don’t know if that’s gay to say cuz that would mean I think some men are more attractive than others but honestly (there‘s a post for another day), but check it out:

Pretty freaking regular if you ask me.

However, his girlfriend though? ANYTHING but regular. We discovered Shannon when Chasen posted JUST AN ADORABLE Instagram post for Valentine’s Day of her eating McDonald’s (bonus points for her eating McDonald’s ON VALENTINE’S DAY too btw… AND SMILING ABOUT IT!!):


Alright, well you don’t need to know much more folks. All you need to know is if a regular looking guy like Chasen can land a Coastal Carolina cheerleader BABE like Shannon (oh sorry, did I not mention that yet?) then I’d say there’s hope for us yet! Without further ado, Shannon Kelley:

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New York continuing to throw out beauties week after week after week, AND I LOVE IT. Keep tuned in people, the beauty will keep coming every Wednesday!!



Empire State of Fine,