Things I like to talk about, America, Beer, and Sports, in that order. So, combining them is ideal. I present to you, Tun Tavern. This little place on the corner of King Street and Tun Alley was built in 1686 by peace loving Quakers. The namesake comes from the old english term “Tun” meaning keg of beer. So yes, a bar called “Beer Tavern”.

Rediscovery number 27587

Why do we give a shit?

Glad you asked. This Philadelphia watering hole is famous for being the home of the Marine Corps and The Grand Lodge of Masonic Temple. Yea we just stepped into some real shit here. This “Beer Tavern” is was also famously used as a meeting place for Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin. Members from the Continental Congress where also know to meet up here after a long and grueling session at Independence Hall. Our nation’s leads where boozing it up since before we decided to become a nation.

The original Tun Tavern was burned down right before the end of the Revolutionary War, salty Brits couldn’t handle the Loss. So unfortunately you can’t have your own historical pint there. However the Marines built a replica at their HQ in Virginia as a salute to their origins. Cheers to beers and Tun Tavern for hosting our nation’s badasses.