So if you read my previous article on Michael Floyd turning his career around in a matter of 2 days after receiving a DUI, you would have an understanding of what I’m about to say. Josh Gordon, the troubled Cleveland Brown wide receiver has asked the NFL for reinstatement.

This guy was drinking up a fucking storm and smoking as much weed as humanly possibly and Cleveland has released a statement that they are moving on from the receiver. Do you have the slightest inclination as to why this man couldn’t keep off THE WEEEEEEEEEEEEED? Want a hint as to why he was a boooooooooozebag? He was stuck in CLEVELAND!!!!!!!!

Cleveland is the organization in the NFL where dreams go to die. We all know it. Horrendous place to be. Josh Gordon should be giddy they said they were moving on from him. Now he can finally stop drinking.

So where does this leave us? You have a tremendously talented receiver on the cusp of reinstatement because of the AA, rehab programs, and probably some bullshit community service he’s been doing. He claims he is in the best shape of his life. Better shape (he claims) then he was in during his breakout year in 2013.

Is it not clear? The information I have provided points in one direction. Beeeeeeeeelining right toward the second chance capital of the NFL. Right into the lap of Mr. Bill Belichick.

My money is all on Josh packing up his shit and heading right to Boston. If I were him I’d decline all other phone calls until that man called me. Get back on your feet by go winning the next Super Bowl with Brady. Fuck it, don’t just stop at one…

All I’m saying is Bill Belichick gives zero fucks. Guy is probably going to defend Aaron Hernandez at trial simply for the possibility he isn’t in prison for life and can catch another ball in the NFL. Guy is a winning machine because he can turn criminals into quiet, under the radar killers. Just ask Michael Floyd and Lagarette Blount how that ring feels on their fingers. Probably superb considering the direction their lives were going in. F-U Belichick and your lack of morals… and unreal winning record. I hate that I see you and that stupid hoodie twice a year. If I have to see Josh Gordon too I will not be too happy.



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