Everyone always loves seeing the “Before & After” photos of the President of the United States during their terms. The President usually gets a bunch of grey hair and wrinkles – just genuinely look like crap. And, this is obviously completely warranted because, you know, they are the President of the United States so it makes sense.

But, no one ever thinks about what the Vice President looks like. Most people just kind of assume that the VP is a figurehead and is just there to be the President’s wingman. Buut, there is quite a bit of responsibility with the position. He is the President of the Senate, which is kind of a big deal, plus a bunch of other diplomatic BS that would probably make me want to take a long walk off of a short pier.

So, without further ado, here are some pictures of US Vice Presidents at the beginning and end of their terms.

Let’s start out with the Nelson Rockefeller, 41st VP of this great country, under Gerald Ford. Here is Nelson at the beginning of his Vice Presidency:


And here is the one at the end of his term.

WCS_Nelson Rockefeller 1.jpeg

Next up, we skipped a couple, moved up to the 44th Vice President of the US, Dan Quayle who served under George H.W. Bush’s tutelage. Here is the photo at the beginning of his term:


And what he looks like at the end of his term.


We all know Al Gore 45th VP of the US especially for introducing us to the theory of Global Warming through “An Inconvenient Truth.” Even though a majority of the data that he laid out was incorrect and skewed, he did open our eyes to the idea.

WCS_Al Gore.jpg

And finally at the end of his time in office.

WCS_Al Gore 1.jpeg

The 46th VP of the US, Dick Cheney who served under George W. Bush


When he was done

WCS_Cheney 1.jpg

Finally we come to the most recent former Vice President, Joe Biden. The 47th VP who served under Obama. A lot of VP’s just kind of fade away into the pages of a history book, but Joe changed it up a little with some good hearted humor and some videos about how much he loves ice cream.

WCS_Joe Biden.jpeg

Sooo yeah, the VP’s do age, not nearly as badly as the President, but they do. Then again, I don’t know how much of that is just due to getting older like you or me. So… my conclusion, spending 4 or 8 years as the VP makes you look older. Then again, 8 years ago I looked like a 7 year old. So, 4 or 8 years does a lot I guess, no matter who you are.



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