Guys, it’s that time of year! College basketball season is in full force and I for one am PUMPED… I’m pumped to not just to see the heart, but the heartbreak.

There are always those #12 seeds over #5 seeds that seem to occur every year, and I want to open everyone’s eyes to one that is developing right in front of us… Who is it?

John Griffin Bucknell University Basketball.jpg


Now, this isn’t your “Older Brother’s Bucknell Team” like the ones back in 2005 & 2006 where they beat Kansas and Arkansas in the First Round… They aren’t that team who’s going to win with low scoring defensive basketball. No, this team is a little sexier… And I love it.

They got a 3-point SNIPER in junior Forward Zach Thomas (42% from the 3pt line) and averages 16 ppg and Nana Foulland, a junior Center, averages 15/8/2 (points/rebounds/blocks). And obviously with two studs like that to get the ball to, junior guard Stephen Brown is dropping 5 assists a game, with the best Assist-to-Turnover ratio in the Patriot League.

The players on this team are not to be taken lightly. And the coaching staff? You see that stud #11 pictured above? John Griffin III? Aka the Philly Flash? Yeah… He was part of Bucknell’s historic run back in the day. He remembers beating Kansas. He was their to beat Arkansas. He was known for his hustle and grit.

If there is one coach in the nation I’d want my kid to learn under, it’s John Griffin… #1, I know my kid won’t be taught be some nerd, and #2, I’d know my kid is going to hustle for everything. And THAT is why this Bucknell team is dangerous. A coach that can relate to these young players. Get the message across that this is the time to leave it all out there. He did and he made history.

Coach John Griffin Bucknell University Basketball.jpg

And for all those “Yeah, but who did they beat?” people out there… Well, they are currently 15-3 in conference play (will be 17-3 when they win the Patriot League) and they beat Vanderbilt ON THE ROAD (who just beat #12 Florida btw). This team can ball.

I’m telling you, this Bucknell team is next. Lookout whoever has them Round 1… Because guess what?

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Ray for the Orange & the Blue,