It was announced last night that Noah Syndergaard had his contract renewed, which would be good for everyone, right? Well, the 24-year old righty is set to earn $605k for next year’s salary.

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Honestly, you are getting one of the best pitchers in the league for pennies on the dollar. If you’re the Mets front office, this is a THE DEAL OF THE CENTURY… I mean, here are some other pitchers and their salaries for some perspective:

Madison Bumgarner – $11.7 million
Clayton Kershaw – $35.5 million
Chris Sale – $12 million
Jake Arrieta – $15.6 million
Max Scherzer – $22.1 million

Now, you can all argue with me whether Thor belongs on that list of VERY elite pitchers, but I’ll argue right back (and I’m sure I missed some but cut me some slack, it’s 8am on a Saturday in March, my already not great baseball brain may not be there just yet).

And then from Noah’s point of view, he must look around the team and think, “Who the fuck deserves to get paid more than me??”. Let’s see who the Mets distribute their money to… You know, just for shits and gigs…

Jay Bruce – $12.5 million… That is TWENTY times what Thor will make. For a guy most Mets fans gave up on already;
Curtis Granderson – $16 million… Jesus. If the Grandyman isn’t buying Thor dinner regularly then he’s a dick.
Jose Reyes – $22 million… I honestly can’t believe this one. Last summer I was in Binghamton watching this guy in a capacity crowd of 6,000 fans – now this guy has made it full circle after his trouble with the law, and is making $21.4 million MORE per year than the team’s best pitcher (sorry to break it to you Harvey).
David Wright – $20 million… Good God. This guy has played 75 games in the past two seasons and must just think to himself, “How the flip did I pull this off?” aaaaannnndddd he’s under contract until 2020. He has job security and getting paid so much to not even play. Unreal. This must piss the underpaid’s on the Mets off BIG TIME.
Asdrubal Cabrera – $8.25 million… This isn’t nearly as bad as some, but again, thinking that for his salary you could afford over THIRTEEN Noah Syndergaard’s is bonkersville.

Okay, well… I just wanted to give some random perspective into how crazy it is, and could/will be, if/when the Mets roll out their #1 pitcher and he is paid less than everyone else on the team.

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I know Noah is one of the coolest players of all time, but I don’t know how “cool” I’d still be knowing all of the above…




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