Midterms week has finally come to a close. PRAISE the LORD. Tests out the ass to see how much I have not listened to these teachers since the start of this semester. I’m checked out, just going through the motions of class and work until I can get on a plane to a place with some nice weather. Not a care in the world until I check my Canvas page (Canvas, for those of you who aren’t familiar, is the website teachers use to post assignments and grades at my fine school). I’m scrolling through and I see that 3 of my 5 teachers assign homework due at the end of spring break.

annoyed frustrated chris pratt are you kidding me

Are you DEADASS????? Throw me a freaking bone! You test me on a ridiculous amount of material and then have the AUDACITY to swing me a detailed homework assignment over what’s supposed to be a relaxing break from seeing your horrible faces every day? GET OUTTA HERE. The least you can do after not supplying lube for those midterms is allow me a little bit of time to let my butthole close up again. I honestly can’t believe the nerve you people have. Were you not students once in your life? Really? Give me a break. SPRAAAAANG Break is my time to get black out drunk with people I like and have no one bother me. You have just provided me with enough rage to tarnish whatever reputation you have on RATE MY PROFESSOR. Do not expect me to return to your class with a smile or even a hello! If there was a chance of me liking you, it went straight out the window.

Palm trees and homework. Exactly what I was looking forward to.

I hope karma somehow finds you and tears a chunk out of your ass. Outrageous. I may even write a letter to the institution that simply states, “what the hell are you feeding these jerkoffs that they have to give us homework over our break?”

Thanks for nothing guys! I hope you have a great break as well! Don’t fall down a flight of stairs either!



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