Red Bull: 2
Atlanta United: 1

Everyone’s favorite New York sports team (NY Red Bulls) kicked off the regular season down in Atlanta. Now, this was a big game of firsts here. This is the first year of Atlanta United being in the MLS. So of course they got their first goal and yeah, first red card. Then, in keeping with the Atlanta tradition, they blew the lead and let the Red Bulls come back in the second half. Also, this is the first time Miller and I have ever disagreed on soccer. Normally our correspondent is sensible with a good taste in talent (aka Chelsea FC) HOWEVER he blew it with Atlanta here. Side note, very bitter fans throwing were beers on the field.

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Down to some game talk here. The first half was not good. The Red Bulls looked like a team who had never played away from home and was unsure of themselves. We were missing on some crucial link up plays and our kids didn’t show enough flair. We let up an absolute garbage goal from a very unimpressive header. The defense has been an Achilles heal for some time now. From all the CFC I watch, it’s clear that to win Championships you need a strong back line. The Red Bulls are still very far away from that. We broke into the locker room 1-0 down, needing some spark.

I don’t know how many Red Bulls they had at half time, but it worked. First, Sean Davis is not Dax and is NOT ready yet. The kid was completely irrelevant on the field. Jesse Marsch threw in Etienne Jr. and even if his play didn’t make cause anything special, his movement did. Great tactical move. By bringing Etienne on, Kljestan moves back and Royer gets some more room to operate. Clearly Royer deserved it, as he banged in a header. The “big” question was if Kljestan could “handle” the extra workload. Of course he can, there’s a reason he led the league in assists last season.


Looking forward, we need to sell Veron. Huge waste of money, guy can’t even do pressers. I mean come on it is not hard to stand in front of a camera and say some shit. We should rope in some fringe talent from Germany and slot him up front. Or, we sign Alexi Sanchez. Transfer rumor? Heard he’s unhappy.

Red Bulls come home next Saturday in a tricky game vs. Colorado. Looking forward to an undefeated season.



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