God bless the USA!!

March Madness has started, St Patty’s day is peeking its beautiful drunken head around the corner, and BeerFest is 33 days away… WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!!

And none of those things would be possible if we lived in a country that hated freedom… A freedom that gives us the ability to party like rockstars basically whenever we want. HELL YEAH!! ‘MERICA!!!!

Now, let’s get to what we do every Monday… Please rise and remove your hats for the singing of our National Anthem, sung by artist Joe Everson.

I’ve seen this guy before and think it is just WILD. I couldn’t sing OR paint alone, and this guy can concentrate amazingly on both… and does it in front of a crowded arena?? WILD.

His James Harden beard and his unreal talent get Joe Emerson his spot on Merica Monday. Well done sir.

Now everyone, let’s get out there and be half as cool at Joe this week, and by Friday we’ll have earned ourselves the 700 beers we’ll reward ourselves with!!



I Like Your Beard,