So the saga of my painful tenure as a New York Jets fan continues. I get it. They want to clean house and get rid of the big contracts. Cut Revis. I get that. Guy may end up in prison for all we know.

But Mangold? The on sturdy rock we had for all these years. I’m sure they could have talked him into taking a pay cut. Instead they pull a Jets move and cut him.

Nick Folk? Give me a break! Guy has done everything we’ve asked of him and has had some ice water running through his veins over the years. He golfs with my neighbors for GOD’S SAKE! Guess their foursome is going to be a little lonely this upcoming summer.

Brandon Marshall????? Our stud receiver? I get he would have been expensive but he was the only offensive potential besides Enunwa we had! Ridiculous they couldn’t have discussed that little bit more.

Ok, so I get what they are doing to a degree, even though I’m hot and bothered. We were on the verge of a playoff berth just ONE looooooooooong season ago. All signs point to getting a fresh start with some youth and maybe a free agent signing…

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“We are open to trading our #6 pick.”

For what?? Enlighten me on what the FUCK could be worth something that high in a draft filled with a very good defensive class? You want to drop and cut all these star players and start over? Well then draft a player with the pick! Sure up our corners. Draft another linebacker. Add a stud wide receiver! DO SOMETHING… PLEASE!

As a Jet fan my heart aches for how this is going to turn out. We kissed our playoff chances good-bye already. With the Pats taking the division and the Dolphins on the rise I realistically can not imagine a playoff scenario for us. We don’t know who our starting quarterback is (again) and probably won’t for another 3 years! This really isn’t going to be something I can watch.

I really hope I’m wrong. If I am, I’ll get their record tattoo’d on my ass. That means they have to somehow magically clinch a playoff spot. My entire tenure as a Jet fan has been centered around the phrase, “I think this could be the year.”

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My gut has a feeling I’m going to be saying that for a lot longer than I hope.



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