The World Baseball Classic is well underway as underdog Israel has already clinched their pool and will await either Chinese Taipei, South Korea or The Kingdom of the Netherlands.  The Jews really shocked some people with their two wins.  I mean Taipei was probably one of the weaker teams in the field, but South Korea is no slouch and Israel took care of them with relative ease.  Yeah yeah I know it’s not like they’re pulling Jews off the Gaza Strip with their Yamakas on, and that the team is basically just major leaguers who are Jewish and not good enough to make the USA team, but still.  South Korea has placed in the top four in two of the three WBC’s and is a top ten team in the world so that’s pretty impressive.

Anyways, this blog isn’t meant to praise the Jews.  I’m more wondering what are the thoughts on the World Baseball Classic?  Do we like it?  Do we hate it?  Are we indifferent on it?  What’s the deal?  For me, I like it.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I like the tournament as it combines two of my favorite things:  baseball and cheering for the USA.  If they threw in some topless women and delivered burgers to my house while the games were going on, it’d probably be the greatest sporting event of all time.  

One of the main problems though is that a lot of the star players aren’t playing.  Sure Team USA has some very good players, but we want to see an outfield of Betts, Trout and Harper and a pitching rotation of Kershaw, Syndergaard and MadBum.  Because it’s a lot of second tier players in the Classic, the interest is down.  If you’ve read my stuff, you know I’m a fixer so I have some ideas to make the WBC more popular and accessible to the fans.  So here are my ideas to improve the World Baseball Classic


Expand Rosters

Allow more pitchers on rosters.  I think a lot of top players don’t want to do the WBC because they are risking injuries.  They do have a pitch count rule, but if they had more players on the roster and more pitchers and almost treated it like spring training, maybe more high profile players would play thus driving interest.

Shorten Games

Make the games seven innings if you don’t want to expand rosters.  Less time on the field means less chance for injury and higher probability of star players.

Give the Players More Incentive

I’m not really sure what they get right now when they play, but give them more money to play.


Okay these ideas are just to improve interest in general – not necessarily make the superstars play:

Use Aluminum Bats

Someone would absolutely die, but can you imagine Giancarlo Stanton hitting with a metal bat?  The ball might actually go 700 feet.

Force Every Team to Have a Mascot

And make the mascot as stereotypical as possible.  Look what Team Israel did?  Maybe give Mexico a guy with a mustache in a sombrero eating a burrito and call him Pepe or something.  People love that shit.

Make Teams Wear Uniforms to Reflect Their Culture

I’ve already touched on the sombreros for Mexico (that’s a no brainer).  Give the Jews little baseball Yamakas and make the Netherlands* play in clogs.  The Canadians can wear denim uniforms and the Aussies can use didgeridoos as their bats.  For the US?  I don’t know have them throw on a cowboy hat and spurs.

Make a Mayor’s Bet for Every Game

Except it’s a President’s/Prime Minister’s bet.  Like when we play Canada if Canada wins then we will raise the price of maple syrup by $0.25 or something and if we win, we get Nova Scotia.  You know, small fun things like that.

The World Series Winner Should be in the Tourney

Everyone loves that type of shit.  If the Cubs were a team in the field it would be electric.  I mean hey, it’s called the “World Series” and you claim to be “World Champions” so let’s see you do beat everyone in the world.

Those are just some of the many ideas I have.  Regardless, I’ll be watching because hey at least it’s semi-competitive baseball, right?  If you’re wondering, USA starts their tournament Friday at 6:00 when they play Colombia.  


*If you didn’t know, Netherlands isn’t like clog wearing Holland.  It’s like the Little League World Series team Curacao.  In fact, Jurickson Profar played on Curacao and he’s now on team Netherlands.  It’s actually a pretty stacked team.

PS – Team Israel wearing shirts that say “Jew Crew” make them an INSTANT fan favoriteJew Crew