Okay, so I know we’ve gone baseball HEAVY on these #WCW’s lately… But seriously, this is just unreal. The girls that our Mets and Yankees date are honestly just babe after babe. Even Clint Frazier, the red headed wonder has a girl that is absolutely TO DIE FOR.

This week, we’re taking it back to Queens, back to Citi Field and back to that Mets pitching staff. Steven Matz’ fiancee Taylor Jordan Cain is just another complete and total knockout… AND she seems like a goofball, which makes her hotter… AND she apparently is a country singer too – so basically she’s Carrie Underwood.

Whatever, you just came here for some pics regardless you sicko’s… Here she is:

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So yeah… Another babe by another New York baller. The Big Apple truly does not disappoint. LOVE IT.