How to process this…

Am I mad or am I thrilled? I’m a New Yorker, I’m not allowed to be in between.

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On one hand, I didn’t think needed a wide receiver right off the bat. We need a running back and an offensive line to allow that our running game to go ANYWHERE. We also need an offensive line that can allow Eli time to throw the ball downfield… That seemed clear as day, so why that isn’t the first issue addressed is BEYOND me.

On the other hand, we’re getting someone I always said the Giants need – a BIG target for Eli (as Eli often makes the right read with a bad throw). But with a “Plaxico” sized receiver to make up for those passes, I can get on board. Marshall is 6’4″ and would provide the enormous catch radius that Eli’s often erratic passes may need.

He already has a speedster in Odell and a possession man in Shepard. I like that component of this.

So where am I?

I’m still somewhere between “GET YOU HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASSES” and “WHAT THE LIVING FUCK?!”

There are too many issues to be addressed on the offensive line for me to sit here and be smitten by a Brandon Marshall signing.

Also, I need to know one key thing…

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If we got him on a team friendly contract so we can give him a chance at winning a Super Bowl, I GET IT.  BUT if he is taking any money out of our pockets that we could’ve used to get an offensive linemen, or retain some defensive players, yeah… I’m gonna be pissed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled we’ll have another three headed monster in “Marshall-Odell-Shepard” (RIP Cruz) – but I’d sure rather have a “2nd & 6” than that “2nd & 9” our run game gave us TIME AND TIME AGAIN last season.

There’s a lot left to sort out here, but Marshall to the Giants is an interesting move. Excited to see how everything goes from here.



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