Recap of Last Night: Got absolutely smoked last night. The Yellow Jackets had the spread and one of the Pitt players was told to miss a free throw at the end of the game so the clock would run out. Instead, what does that piece of shit do? He line drives it at the hoop and it miraculously goes in. God I hate when things like that occur! Throw me a bone why don’t ya? The Wizards and Suns played no defense. Not a single cent worth of defense. This is why I hate NBA games like that. Jumping right back on the horse on hump day. Overall Record (17-11-2).

Duke Blue Devils vs. Clemson Tigers

Opening Lines
Spread: -7.5 Duke
Over/Under: 145.5
Moneyline: (-285 Duke, +260 Clemson)

ACC at the Barclays Center – Brooklyn getting a taste of some southern action. Love it! Georgia Tech screwed me last night but I’m a little more confident about this game. Luke Kenard, the tripper and Coach K are getting ready to dance and they are looking for a boost in their seeding. I expect them to come out, guns blazing today.

Predictions: Lock Clemson +7.5. Duke has a history of choking when it comes to the big stage and unless they put on a show tonight, I don’t see it happening. Clemson is looking to make a run in this tournament and this neutral court is their opportunity to knock off Duke. They had a chance to beat them in the regular season and this is their opportunity for revenge. I expect Clemson ML to hit, and the under to as well.

Duke Clemson Basketball.jpg

Virginia Cavaliers vs. Pittsburgh Panthers

Opening Lines
Spread: -9.5 Virginia
Over/Under: 118
Moneyline: (-465 Virginia, +420 Pitt)

Pitt screwed me last night and I’m not pleased about it. Look for Virginia and that dopey haired London Parentes to put a beat down on them tonight. He’s been in college for about 7 years so I really would like to know the story behind that. The Panthers go down tonight and the Jay Wright wanna be and his Cavaliers move on.

Predictions: Lock Virginia Moneyline. Need a win and a parlay holder? You got that right here. Virginia wins easy. Pitt has 3 good players and Virginia can shoot a hell of a lot better then Georgia Tech. I expect Pitt to cover, and the over to hit.




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