With March Madness starting there really is no more appropriate time than now to celebrate Julius Peppers returning home to Carolina to finish his NFL career.

Julius Peppers Carolina Panthers

Yes, Julius Peppers, now known for terrorizing quarterbacks in the NFL, once upon a time was a NCAA basketball player. After he wrapped up football season for the Tar Heels (which back then never resulted in a bowl appearance because UNC football STUNK), Julius would toss on his UNC basketball jersey and go ball with the likes of Brendan Haywood and Ed Cota… He was on the team in 2000 that went to the Final Four, and he was honestly a damn good ball player.

I remember growing up shooting during March Madness, thinking of getting boards like Peppers, making passes like Cota and playing the post like Haywood. That team was one of my favorites of all time, and Peppers was a huge part of that.

And now, after spending three seasons for Green Bay, Peppers has signed again with the team that drafted him – the Carolina Panthers. He’s back baby!!

I think it’s awesome. I hope he tears it up and has his Elway or Peyton moment of “walking into the sunset” with that trophy… Is it doubtful? Of course… but it would be sick.



Heels Up,