Today, as I was shooting the shit, the whole “who decides the bracket?” topic came up and I genuinely had no clue. I was pretty sure one year Michelle Obama was apart of the process (spoiler alert – she wasn’t), but beyond that I knew nothing about it.

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All I know is every year some team is pissed they got snubbed, while another team that “didn’t deserve it” made it (see Syracuse last year, LOL).

So who does it? Who makes the decision tomorrow on Selection Sunday?

I found out (thanks to Wikipedia) that it’s 100% made up of Athletic Directors. Ten athletics directors, nine of which are men (is that worth noting? I don’t know, you tell me).

Alright, so what colleges are they from? Michigan St, Creighton, Northeastern, BYU, UNC-Asheville, Stanford, Ohio, Duke, Kentucky and New Mexico.

Uhh, I don’t fully understand how they’re without representation from the conferences that drive ratings (the MAAC, Ivy League, Patriot League), but whatever… SAD!

Alright, well, hopefully if anyone else was wondering I just hooked you up with some knowledge.



The More You Know,