Well… We shouldn’t be surprised the Cavs are moving right along after Bogut went down and is out for the season… I mean, LeBron needs help!! WAHHHHH!!!!

The latest news is Larry Sanders is likely the next signing for Cleveland. Now, Sanders was one of my favorite players back in the day. For all the wrong reasons, but he was great.

Why? Well, the dude is just an dick. He gets mad blocks so the NBA definitely saw him as a talented young kid, but he also gets technical fouls like it’s his job.

No, literally like it’s his job… In 2013 Larry Sanders racked up 6 technical fouls, was ejected three times and fined $95,000, OVER A TEN DAY SPAN.

and im not even fucking done

The reason I personally love him? Well… Ketch used to be our Fantassy Basketball Cummissioner (intentionally spelled this way) and our league awarded 10 points for Technicals and 20 for Ejections. Naturally, I picked up Larry Sanders and the rest was history.

Cavs, best of luck with him. He is EXTREMELY talented and maybe he grew up in the past few years… Who knows!! Let’s see if he can last more than 58 seconds!!



Gettin’ T’s & Blockin’ G’s,