I saw recently that our President, Donald J Trump, has publicly stated that he will not fill out a bracket like his predecessor before him.

Now, Obama filling out the bracket wasn’t a problem with me. It sort of humanizes a guy who everyone sees as this mythical being – “THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.” So for the 20 minutes (or whatever) it would take him to fill out a bracket on TV, it was alright. To be honest, I never watched it or cared for it. I don’t give a shit who anyone else picks besides myself and maybe my friends if they’re doing exceptionally well or something. So do I care that Trump isn’t doing it?

Honestly, not at all.

entourage idgaf i dont care i dont give a fuck jeremy piven

I’m sure Trump doesn’t give a shit about college basketball. I certainly don’t see him offering ANY insight into that “Wichita St vs Dayton” Round 1 match-up. I’m sure about 30 seconds in, you’d realize how stupid it is after he’d say, “Where’s Indiana? I like that Bob Knight, he’s a good friend of mine…

Also, we bitch and moan all day about our tax dollars going to the wrong place. Well, I know that Trump promised to┬ádonate his salary at the end of the year (power move that people forget) but still, time is money. If he spent 25 minutes playing N64, people would get pissed… So wouldn’t the same go for filling out a bracket?

I think the man is a 24-hour working machine, he has no time for stuff like this. I hope so at least. I mean, you give me the keys to America, I’m pretty sure I’d be that way too…

All work, no play. Donny’s got a country to fix.



Make the President Work Again,