Before I hear any more from Cuse fans that they “deserved” to make it, maybe your team should win more than two games away from home and then we can talk!

OR, I got a really constructive idea for you… Take a day off from work, go to your nearest Metropolitan area, and protest with #NotMyBracket signs!! I’m pretty sure that’s how this country works now, right??

Regardless, I think the committee did pretty well. Sure there are some teams ranked a little too high (Minnesota), some teams a little too low (Wichita St), but honestly, I say they did fine.

Here’s my biggest qualm: Why did they have to put Notre Dame and Bucknell in the bracket RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER??

NCAA Bracket Buffalo NY West Region.PNG

We all know that the Bucknell Bison are not a team to sleep on. And I saw West Virginia play this weekend during their conference tourney, and they aren’t all that good. Do I think Bucknell is perfect? No, they are a #13 seed and deservedly so. BUT, they can definitely take this West Virginia team down.

I was excited to potentially root for a Sweet 16 berth for my boys from Lewisberg, PA until I saw Round 2 would include a match-up with the Fighting Irish most likely…

C'Mon Man.jpg

Why did the committee have to do me like that? Now, I’m forced to pick a side and that sucks. I want my cake and I wanna eat it too dammit!!

Notre Dame offers a real chance to go deep in the tourney – and I really do believe that. Matt Farrell is the real deal with leadership skills that take teams far… However, Bucknell has John Griffin as assistant coach.

Heart vs brain here. I know who I’ll be rooting for regardless of what I put on my bracket…

John Griffin Buzzer Beater Bucknell Bison 2005.gif

Whatever, if that’s my biggest problem with how they did, I’d say they did alright. Good work committee, proud of you.

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Perfect Bracket Bound,



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