I was recently introduced to a book that has changed the way that I look at the world. Not because I completely agree with the book itself, but because the author is a pure genius. He has compiled large amounts of data of why to vote for a Democrat. He then wrote a book about it. The book is Reasons To Vote For Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide.

Other than this dude just tearing apart the Democratic Party, he is my idol – like the creator of the pet rock. The pet rock was literally a rock that was sold for $12.99.

The author, Michael J. Knowles wrote a book with almost no words, 200 blank pages; a complete joke to rub it in Democrats’ faces.

The book sells for less than $7 on Amazon and the dude is raking in the cash. Not only is it spreading like wild fire on the internet, Fox News and other news channels have interviewed this guy only dumping gasoline on the fire.

WCS_Reasons to Vote for Democrats 1

It is safe to say that this dude became an overnight millionaire. But he isn’t the first to do this. Brian Griffin, did the same thing in his book, Wish it, Want it, Do it. A crazy concept that actually works.

WCS_Wish It Want IT Do It

Wishing It, Wanting It, Doing It,
Johnny Pasta Sauce