Reports that Eddie Lacy has signed with the Seattle Seahawks have arisen for a one year, $5.5 million deal… And surprisingly, I actually think this is a pretty smart deal on both sides.

The Seahawks get a potentially GREAT running back (he had two 1,000+ rushing seasons in his first two years), AND they already had two backs with tons of potential in Thomas Rawls and CJ Prosise if it doesn’t work out anyways. And for pretty cheap too – $5.5 million, only $3 of which is guaranteed, for a guy who during his 5 games last year averaged 5.1 YPC?? That’s a steal!!

And Eddie Lacy has a chance to get on a team that loves to run the ball (except on the 1-yard line during Super Bowls), and prove to everyone his injury is behind him and he’s ready to run over people again. Xavier Rhodes might want to look away…

PLUS, with the one year deal, he can earn his worth and cash in the following year. Sure, he’s gambling on himself, but he is a beast and definitely should be able to make it work… I mean shit, Darren McFadden got paid for like 10 years based solely on his potential despite how injury prone he was.

Love this move for Eddie and his career. Hate the Seahawks. Wish the Giants bought Eddie for this price.



Roll Damn,