Well, the Dallas Cowboys had an amazing season last year. Going 13-3 behind a rookie quarterback and running back is nothing to ignore… And neither is what Zeke did at a St Patty’s Day party last weekend!!

WOOOOOO!!!! My guess as to what was going through his heads, and it’s really not all that insightful, but I guarantee every guy reading this will agree… this is all he was thinking:

tv hbo boobs tits breast

I mean, this seriously is just a drunk KID (yes, he’s only 21-years old) making a drunk “college mistake.”

I’m sure feminazi’s will hate the take here, but this is nothing outrageous. Zeke was drunk as fuck, he just wanted to see boobs. He wanted everyone to see boobs (it looks like he had a crowd) so he did the selfless thing and shared those fun bags.

Zeke, you keep doing you… As long as “you” stays winless in the playoffs for Dallas, you and I will get along just fine.



Tits Out for the Boys,