Remember that Guy?” just seemed like a segment we needed… This is not going to be like, “Hey remember Larry Bird? He was great.” No, this segment will commemorate the REAL legends in sports… The ones that may have been forgotten, but never should be.

We’re going to start with College Basketball since that is pretty hot right now.

zoolander mugatu hansel so hot right now that hansels so hot right now

The first name name I want to bring up, and this is for my homedogs back in Cuse, is Kueth Duany.

Taylor, who the hell is Kueth Duany?

Excellent question Water Cooler Sports reader! Kueth Duany was the first blurple man I ever laid eyes on. He is a NCAA National Champion and he played under Jim Boeheim… Kueth Duany ladies and gentlemen:

Keuth Duany.jpg


Yea, remember this guy? I’ll give you a refresher… He was the guy who led Syracuse to the National Championship back in 2003 (that’s right – not Melo, not G-Mac, not Hakim Warrick… THIS GUY).

Kueth Duany Hakim Warrick Carmelo Anthony Syracuse Orange

I can remember playing ball pretending I’m G-Mac firing threes, or Hakim Warrick throwing one down, or dishing to Duany for a simple mid range shot (I dreamt big). Gotta love it.

So, here’s to Kueth!!



Cuse’s Glory Days,


P.S.  I think this segment won’t just stick to sports. We’ll really let my brain wander here and see what happens #cantwait!!