What’s the deal with stamps?

Over the past few weeks I have had a few too many encounters with stamps and I think I’m on to one of the biggest scams of all time!

Why don’t people make counterfeit stamps? Here me out! Stamps, which I understand only cost like $0.49, are really just glorified stickers. I don’t believe there is anything on them that would allow the Post Office to know, as long as it looked right, that it was not a legit stamp. No scanning mechanism on them or a serial number like money. They have a certain image and then a very easily replicated, cut around the stamp. Now $0.49 may not seem like very much but, think about that over time, shit could add up.


I can feel all of your doubts right now and that’s fine. Your doubt fuels my fire! I did a little bit of research here and came across a few people online that said things like: “If I remember correctly they glow under a fluorescent light and if they do not pass they are kicked off.” and “One detection method involves a small amount of substance in the stamp that reacts to a certain frequency of light. They also have good imaging technology in the distribution centers that allows them to visually inspect a lot of postage quickly in a mostly automated fashion.” And I thought to myself, “Huh? Why would something that only costs $0.49 have so much technology in it.” And that is when I came across the truth!


The next answer I saw read, “Former postal worker here. No security at all that I know at the local office level.” BOOM!! Straight from the horse’s mouth!

If there is not already a thriving, underground, counterfeit stamp syndicate, then I am ashamed to call myself an American.

If any one is interested in starting this syndicate, #hmu.

Dolla Dolla Bills,
Big Fudge