Well, I wrote recently on Eddie Lacy’s new deal with the Seahawks and how I thought it was a great deal for both sides – Eddie gets a chance to prove himself, and Seattle gets a potentially great running back on the (fairly) cheap.

Today, I learned there was a “weight clause” in his contract. He needs to maintain a certain weight in order for $100k in incentives to pay out… THIS. IS. GENIUS!!!

excited fat beard smart genius

I think this should revolutionize sports. If this isn’t already in most contracts, it should be.

I can remember showing up to (college D2 swimming, nbd) Day 1 in various different shapes. Some years I was on the ball, took steroids (and Super Pump 250) all summer and your boy Taylor was on fleek… Other years, I drank Four Loko’s all summer and showed up looking like I spent the last 3 months getting smashed in the head with a  baseball bat.

What I’m saying is – had someone told me there was a $100k incentive there – YEAR AFTER YEAR I would’ve shown up in great shape. Shit, at that point in time it could’be been like $500!

Listen, money drives this world and there’s no two ways about it. Take that $16 million contract the Eagles gave Alshon Jefrey (LOL) and throw like a $200k incentive in there to make sure he’s in shape and BANG of course he is. Who wants to miss out on a “free” $200k just for staying in shape WHICH YOU SHOULD ANYWAY AS A PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE!!

Listen, I think this could make Eddie Lacy (and lots of other fat athletes) great again, this could make the NFL great again, and this could make sports great again.



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