**WARNING: This is not meant to be a shot at Taylor**

Have you ever sat around and imagined you were a billionaire? Or maybe that you were an unbelievable athlete hitting a game winning homer in the 9th or catching the game winning TD? Well I imagine things, I have dreams, and you know what they are about? I imagine the Jets, one day, having a franchise QB.


As of late, nothing gets me going like when a fan of a team has beef with their amazing, success providing, QB **cough cough, Taylor, cough cough** I just don’t understand how fans don’t treat their QB like a beautiful lady. They can do nothing wrong! If I had a QB I would love him, hold him tight at night to keep him warm, and, if that’s what he wanted, all the sexual favors in the world! What ever floated his boat.

I guess I usually don’t care when fans hate on their HOF quarterbacks because I find some pleasure in the misery of other fans because I’m a sicko! I sit here today, however, with the realization finally hitting me that next year, it looks like our QB will be Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg. I am alright with this because I accepted the fact that we are in full tank mode but that is not going to make this look any less grotesque.


These poor kids are going to have no one to throw the ball to and right now there is no one blocking for them at the line. Those two are probably thinking, “Those motherfuckers!” obviously speaking about the Jets’ front office, “You couldn’t at least keep the HOF center on the team to help us out here next year.” And I completely understand their issue with that.

Listen, I guess this is just a warning to all those Pats, Giants, Colts, Packers, Panthers, ect. fans, just do me a favor, heed the warnings of the Counting Crows, “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone” (I know they didn’t write the song but it’s funnier this way, trust me).

One day, maybe next year, maybe 50 years from now, the Jet’s will have a real QB. And when that day comes, given that I am still on this Earth, I will love him with every fiber of my being! You have my word.

They may say I’m a dreamer,

Big Fudge