Last night’s win over the Pacers (while refreshing) is just a sad reminder that even when we win, we lose.

With 14 games to go, our Knicks are six games out of the playoffs and in the 12th spot in the East. To leapfrog 4 teams to make the playoffs, with KP going down last night is all but impossible. So it’s firm we need to tank for a better draft pick right?

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So what do we do instead?

We win!! Making our chances at #1 slimmer… Can’t we ever do anything right?

We lose all season, shitting all over my hopes and dreams that we were going to be a “Super Team” – and now that it’s crystal clear we are not a super team and we have to go back to our party line of “there’s always next year” – we win!

I need a tank job. It can be obvious as can be. It can involve punting the ball  while bringing it up court and being ABSOLUTELY pathetic. We can sign Jimmer again just for shits and giggles. Whatever it takes! Let Sasha Vujacic play 48 minutes every night, that should result in an automatic loss!!

If we need wins, let’s get them off the court, not on anymore. It’s too late for that. What do I mean by wins off the court? Wear the Genghis Khan outfit Melo did last night. That’s a win! Let’s be funny. Let’s do whatever it takes to forget this awful season.

Just please, PLEASE, don’t win any more games!!



Full Tank Mode,