As all good writers do (maybe), I looked back over all the #WCW’s we’d had to date. There was an overwhelming amount coming from either Yankees or the Mets players… Like more than 69% of them. So, I wanted to expand my reach – think outside the box IF YOU WILL.

And this week, to my chagrin, we found a real nice surprise. I went with a New York Red Bull player… Not just any player,¬†this guy:

sacha kljestan

Who the flip is that? Fair question. It is Sacha Kljestan. And he is my new hero, and not just because he is a stud midfielder (who Frank gave a shoutout to recently). No, I’m giving Sacha props for rocking that LOVELY Movember pedo-stache for 12 months out of the year and baggin JAMIE LEE DARLEY!!!

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She may look familiar as she was one of Turtle’s Avion Tequila girls from Entourage, but she also is a Victoria’s Secret model and obviously, you can see why…

Sacha, you are my new favorite MLS player, that’s for damn sure (real tough competition). I’m sure you’re hung like a horse or she must REALLY be into mustache rides, because you’re obviously doing something right.

Love it, we diversify where we’re looking and we find gold. Stay tuned here¬†folks, who knows where this New York Sports’ babe hunt will take us next!!



Women of New York,