Scoring 30,000 points in an NBA career is something maybe 0.0069% of NBA players will even come close to. And before last week, the only members of that club were Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Karl Malone, MJ and Kobe… But the 1998 draftee, the sensation from Germany, Mark Cuban’s golden boy – Dirk Nowitzki joined them last week.

 dirk nowitzki GIF

And honestly, good for him. He wasn’t on “stud” teams his whole career. He struggled with some bad teams and, hell yeah, good ones (before returning to a bad one again) – but he’s been loyal AF, and I love Dirk for that (**cough cough** Kevin Durnat).

But this is where Dirk really started #winning. After his 30,000th point, he got a special delivery… 30,000 Bud Lights.

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Yeah, I mean, that has got to be the pinnacle. If someone came around and delivered me 30,000 Diet Blues to let me know I did something special, I’d know I made it.

Love this. Love Dirk. Love Bud Light.


Happy Patty’s Day all, let’s get wildly and irresponsibly blackout drunk (already started)!!