A couple years ago there was that Canadian politician, Rob Ford, who got caught with coke as well as some other drugs and he lost his job. Obviously there was a void to fill, and Norm Kelly was that guy. He was destined to be THAT GUY.

Norm tweets out just about anything and everything that he wants, and that includes chatting up Drake. He is a biiiiig Drake guy and came onto the scene during the “Drake vs Meek Mill” Twitter fiasco.

He is also taking shots at normal people on Twitter. He is just the definition of savage! Check out some of his Tweets and responses:



He even Tweeted at Desiigner for National Panda Day!!!

Norm Kelly Canada National Panda Day TweetNorm Kelly Panda Tweet

Norm is turning the Twitter game on its head. No one expected him to come out of the woodwork like this and maintain such a high quality of Tweets, but he has. Good Work Councillor!

There are so many Tweets that are great; I can’t even put them in one article, so check them out on Twitter. His handle is straight up @Norm.

Canada, you have one of the greats.



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