Bend your knees, elbow at 90 degrees, form a “T” with your thumbs, keep your dominate arm tucked in, follow through.

Perfect Basketball Shooting Form Steph Curry.jpg

Chantel Osahor from the Washington Huskies be like… “NAHHHHHHHHHHH SOOOONNNNNNNNN!!!!”

I have watched almost 70+ games each of the last 5 or so seasons of Knicks basketball… And that is some UNINSPIRED basketball. But my girl Chantel makes it looks like she doesn’t give a quarter of a shit where that ball ends up. She’s just tossing the rock for fun like she’s at the park with NOBODY WATCHING.

The effortless appearance her shot gives also causes me GREAT joy. Nothing cooler than someone (appearing at least) not trying hard and still being the fucking best at it. I never had a reason to watch Women’s College Basketball, but you bet your ass I do now.

I am ALL IN on the Chantel Osahor bandwagon.



Jump Shots are for Herbs,