Holy mother of God. Get me a water, a handful of Tylenol and a breakfast burrito… The struggle is too real today. Who would’ve known going out last night after day drinking for March Madness, after going out for St Patty’s Day (after day drinking St Patty’s Day, after going hard for Day 1 of March Madness on Thursday) was going to come back to bite us in the ass??

everything hurts im dying animated GIF

Dammit, alright… maybe we’ll get lucky and this video will work. Try it, hopefully it does and if not, at least you saved you put off your impending death a few more minutes.

**Btw, shoutout to our girls Kirstin and Alex from Minnesota University for welcoming us in… You da real MVP’s**

Kevin Durant You Da Real MVP.png

That’s all from Barcelona this time guys. Keep it real, we’ll be back next week!!

Might Need to Crack that Beer Again,
Johnny Pasta Sauce