New York Red Bulls: 1
Seattle Sounders: 3

Not a good day out West for the Bulls. Our undefeated regular season streak was absolutely smashed on the turf in Seattle. Not too many good things came out of this match. If anything, this game is blueprint of how to beat us.

Seattle opened up their home opener by showing off that they won MLS Cup last year and being real snotty about it (yes, I’m bitter). Of course it was our defensive problems here that will be highlighted. The back line is horrible and Robles did not have a good game. Robles made a terrible decision to take out Morris for a clear cut penalty. Clint Dempsey steps up and slots it away no problem.


Now our midfield, led by el capitan Kljestan was beautiful. We know how to knock it around in the middle of the park but, that’s just about it. We got a beautiful goal by a nice cross into BWP and he displayed why he’s the ultimate goal scoring machine. The only bad thing about him scoring is he surpassed 69 goals. That’s pretty much it, nothing positive after this. Apparently our midfield has to have the ball and ping pong the shit around like Barcelona, otherwise we lose.

Seattle smoked us on the counter. Seattle has good players, and Dempsey and Morris made us pay dearly for errant passes. Also our defenders gave them plenty of time to try out fancy moves around the box. It was unreal how comfortable these guys looked playing around the 18 yard box.

So, what do we need to work on going forward? Purchasing defenders. We can produce midfielders and strikers quite well in our academy system. Miazga would be a nice bring back but that’s just not gonna happen. Plus, in a dream world he wins a starting spot at Chelsea.


Next we play Real Salt Lake in Harrison. Need a W boys.