Here we go again, it’s Monday! This weekend we all made some reckless choices which (hopefully) led to stories we never need to tell anyone ever again… And why is that? Cuz we have the freedom to be reckless and then also dust ourselves off and try again this week. Goddamn are we lucky to live in this country!

Alright, now this week’s National Anthem will be a flashback to the Alamo Bowl (where TCU came back from being down to Oregon 31-0 and won arguably the most memorable game of all time)… Why? I’ll explain after, but holy moly did this chick NAIL the anthem.

Please stand and remove those hats fellas, let’s get this week going right…

Uhhhhh, I hope this chick is singing professionally somewhere cuz she nailed it.

Oh, and the reason we chose that National Anthem has to do with one of our cover girls, Brittany Ann! She’s a cheerleader at TCU, promised us she loves America, and wanted to represent Ol Glory for us here on Merica Monday!!

So shoutout to our girl Brittany. You can follow her on Instagram… And uhhh, you’re going to want to – trust me. ig: britttany_gibson_

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