If you were like me, as a kid – you knew Power Rangers were the coolest damn things on planet Earth… Rita Repulsa was the devil, Zordon ran shit and Tommy was the coolest dude on the planet.

Well, I got got awful terrible news for you: The Red Ranger…¬†is a fucking murderer!!

Rita Repulsa.gif

I know, this is going to be a lot to process. But this evidently happened about a year ago and he (Ricardo Medina) killed his roommate over a girlfriend or something… He killed the dude with a sword!! Absolutely wild.

Power Ranger Red Stabbing Murderer Ricardo Medina.jpg

The sentencing is at the end of this month and that’s why it’s all becoming a thing now. Sad!

Anyway, my guess is he probably just envisioned¬†the dude was a putty and was like, “It’s morphn’ time!!“, did a couple front-flips and it was game over for the poor dude.

I mean, I’m not a lawyer, but maybe he has some PTSD and he just imagined a putty and went ham – can you blame him?? That was some intense stuff! Any good lawyer should get him out of it, and I think I know just the man:

Charlie Kelly Bird Law

Sad day, but at least now when I wear my Red Power Ranger suit for Halloween I can make the joke “I’m a murderer!” That should be good for a cheap laugh!! SPIN ZONE!!!



Go Go Power Rangers,