Not too long ago, Ketch wrote about his epic rumpling (aka face smash) and it looks like the trend of epic shotgunning methods is only going to continue, hopefully forever…

Just a few days ago on Total Frat Move‘s Instagram page (A+ follow btw), they posted a video of a guy shotgunning using a dead shark as his can puncturing tool… Honestly, it was fucking sick:

I get all the “Oh my China, it’s a dead animal!! How can you be so cruel?!” bullshit. I really do. But on the flip-side, I’m about 99.69% certain this shark wasn’t killed specifically by these frat bro’s to make this video. It probably washed up on the beach, and these frat bro’s had no choice but to act. “Do it for the gram!” as they say.

It’s a clever move, and they absolutely NAILED the execution. I give two thumbs WAY up for this one.

 perfect win success kobe bryant perfect 10 GIF

Also, (and this is coming from a beach lifeguard of 5 years) – I have ZERO issue with a dead shark. One less as they say, FUCK sharks.



Real Sharks Making Rage Sharks Obsolete,