Recap of Last Night: Brought you into the weekend 0-2. The second time this has happened to me and honestly it was nonsense. The Devils decided to play hockey for once in their lives, and the Jazz and Cavs refused to put the ball in the basket. Let’s start the week off right and get that overall record up even more. Overall Record (22-14-2).

Edmonton Oilers vs. Los Angeles Kings

Opening Lines
Spread: -1.5 Oilers
Over/Under: 5
Moneyline: (-115 Edmonton, +115 Kings)

Connor McDavid and the gang is at home tonight against the Kings. The Kings are chasing a playoff spot but basically need a miracle to get that spot. That being said look for the young guns of this league to challenge the Dusty old Kings and create some fire power in this Pacific matchup.

Predictions: Lock the over at 5. Usually when the over is this low it’s tough not to look at. The Oilers put the puck in the net people. They like to create and to win games you gotta put the puck in the net which means the Kings are going to be playing their hearts out. I expect the Kings money line to hit and them to cover.

Edmonton Oilers LA Kings.jpg

San Jose Sharks vs. Dallas Stars

Opening Lines
Spread: -1.5 Sharks
Over/Under: 5.5
Moneyline: (-150 Sharks, +135 Stars)

Back to the Stars once again. They have no defense – that much is very, very clear to me. The Sharks are a playoff team and should take care of business rather easily.

Predictions: Lock the over at 5.5. No defense? Pour on the goals. This game should have at least 7 goals in it. Something for the fans tot watch for sure. I expect San Jose to cover and their money line to hit as well.

San Jose Sharks Dallas Stars.jpg



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