You know what? I wrote about Women’s College Basketball today, so I might as well do it for the boys back home – I’m talkin’ D-II college baseball baby… Our Le Moyne Dolphins!!

This season I’ve been keeping an eye on that W/L column in hopes that by the time they bring themselves back to Syracuse, back to the infamous Hill Crew, our fans can carry them the rest of the way to the playoffs.

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This weekend was one for the ages!!

Sophomore sensation Sam Walsh tosses a no hitter on Sunday, striking out eight (which, if done on the Hill, would be grounds for attempted murder during “Shotguns for Strikeouts“) and the baseball Phins took 3 of the 4 games from (then ranked) #23 LIU Post… This was Billy Fuccillo huuuuuge bringing us to a 11-6 record.

After yesterday’s loss, we got five games left until we have ourselves a day on the Hill. Yours truly will be there and I can promise a few things: at 2pm that day, the Water Cooler Sports crew will be nothing less than relentless on that poor unsuspecting East Stroudsburg left fielder that shows up that fateful April 4th.

Quick scouting report – last time we played them, they started Zachary Marzano in left field. He stands at 6’1″ (a height we can vehemently debate) and 185 lbs (ever heard of protein bro?). He majors in Health & Physical Education (aka he’ll be a gym teacher – cue those jokes) and is an Honor Roll student (Jesus… cue the nerd jokes).

I’m sure more will come as Miller was always in charge of the in depth scouting… I was just there for fireworks!!

Great to see these guys making moves in March. Just keep getting those road wins and that whopping home field advantage will win you those 10 home games noooooo doubt.