Oh boy, I can hear Miller giggling already and my PTSD from the smacking Notre Dame took in 2012 is acting up again…

I saw the report that Manti Te’o signed a two year deal down in the Big Easy and all I could think of was – aren’t they famous for having Catfish on like all of their menu’s??

Now, as many of you know, Manti Te’o was a victim of an unbelievable Catfishing story during his college years. Honestly, to this day the story still doesn’t make sense to me. He may be gay – which is totally fine – but there’s just something fishy (pun intended) about this one.

I just see this all as a joke that will only continue to chase its own tail as he sits down at ANY restaurant and “Cajun Catfish” is on every menu smacking him in the face.

All we can hope for is that Manti himself doesn’t fall for a “Cajun” Catfish while he’s down there… I’m not sure anyone’s heart deserves that done to it twice.



RIP (?) Lennay Kekua,