Blowing by defenders. Draining three’s. Forcing bad shots.

No, I’m not talking about the Golden State Warriors. I’m talking about the Washington University Women’s College Basketball Huskies.


Last night I had the PRIVILEGE of watching this team and let me tell ya… It’s LIT.

Chantel Osahor alone deserves to have a camera on her at all times. There was one play I recall her not even coming past backcourt on offense. It was like one of those plays in intramural where someone (me) decided to “take that play off.” Outstanding hustle.

Then there’s Kelsey Plum. If I was her dad, I would be LOUDER than Lavar Ball. I’d be telling the world my kid would beat LeBron AND Kevin Durant if she played them 2 on 1. This chick can flat out BALL.

The Huskies are a #3 seed (how I have no idea…) so they are basically a HUUUUGE underdog to the UCONN’s of the world, but I’m confident in this team. They play with heart and and grit… I respect the hell outta it.

I mean, check out this SWAT PARTY my girl Chantel puts on… GET OUTTA HERE!!!!!

Yeah, that’s what I thought!!

They play again on Friday at 7pm against Mississippi State and I will be 100% locked in, ready to roll. Also worth noting, they are in Baylor’s region who earlier beat a team 119-30, soooooo… I guess to be the best you gotta beat the best? Let’s go┬áHuskies!!

Ball is Life,