Hello all again, it’s been awhile since I last posted, but rest assured I am back and better than ever. We have a lot to talk about and I couldn’t be anymore fired the eff up to discuss it with you. So without further ado, let’s start – I want to chat about what in the hell is happening with Syracuse.

Before kicking things off however, I want to apologize for the absolutely terrible Syracuse basketball predictions this year. As it turns out, the servers were hacked to my magic crystal ball. Anywho, Syracuse, congratulations you made it to the second round of the NIT!

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In all seriousness, I will continue to advocate that Syracuse was a tad bit screwed over. Wake Forest finished beneath Syracuse and lost to Syracuse, yet Wake Forest received a bid? I am still a little heartbroken as you can see. But what’s done is done, right?

I want to congratulate the seniors and wish them luck in their future endeavors. Andrew White you will be missed. My dysfunctional magic crystal ball reads that there is a 50/50 chance that Andrew White could possibly have a decent NBA career. I mean, I don’t know… you tell me. John Gillon, thank you… Thank you for finally leaving! You will not be missed. Enjoy Europe.

Moving on, to you, Tyler Lydon. I really, really, REALLY hope you don’t sign an agent and enter the NBA draft for various reasons. As a Cuse fan, I obviously want Lydon to stay, but I also can see why he would be tempted to leave. For starters, he will most likely be drafted in the late first round, which means a lot of $$$. Also, if he stays next year, he could run the risk of injury, which would end his career and chance to play in the NBA.

Disregarding the fact that I’m a Cuse fan, Lydon shouldn’t leave because he’s simply not ready. His performance this year was underwhelming compared to NBA standards. He averaged 13.2 points and 8.6 rebounds per game this year compared to his 10.1 and 6.3 he averaged his freshmen year. While he increased his points per game by a whopping 3 points and tallied two more rebounds. He also played roughly 6 more minutes this year than the previous.

Lydon has the chance to be an absolute stand out player in the country next year and, yes, the chance he gets injured is a possibility, but he’s a player who has shown grit and wouldn’t let an injury sideline him.

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Finally, my last congratulations goes to Mike Hopkins. Congrats coach Hopkins and good luck at the University of Washington. After 22 years of Syracuse basketball, Hopkins has left Syracuse and just about everyone is in complete shock. As you guessed, good ol’ Boeheim is back and staying.

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Now, the question is who is going to be his successor? Sitting at a pretty 72 years of age, Jimmy is going to be on the side of the court in a wheelchair pretty soon, which leaves the only option of finding a replacement. Most of us were relying on Coach Hopkins, but he kinda fucked us.

So is everyone thinking the same thing, or is it just me? GERRY MOTHAF***ING MCNAMARA!

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Could you imagine? I WOULD BE FIRED THE EFF UP. I guess we will have to wait and see. Until next time mis amigos.



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