I went into this review with the most biased mindset ever.  I typically don’t like Drake as a person, and I only kinda like his music. He’s just so successful and pulls some shit that pisses me off. Mainly, he seems to have so many emotions and problems, and I’m like, dude, you’re worth $60 million – what problems could you possibly have? Oh, didn’t get the girl you wanted? Park your private jet in her driveway and you’ll get her! So yeah, I went into this album wanting to shit on it, but I truly can’t. Shit is dope. Not just dope, but dope-dope. It’s THAT dope.  

I’m gonna say, first and foremost, that More Life is overall better than his previous album Views. The production is fantastic. Each of the songs seems to blend into one another which rarely happens in rap albums. I give HUGE ups to the producers and artists who take that into consideration. It makes the album much easier to listen to straight through and shows they aren’t just throwing a bunch of random songs together and calling it an album (**cough** The Life of Pablo **cough**). The only other rap artist I can think of who has done this is Run The Jewels with RTJ 3, which was one of my favorite albums of the year so far.  

Similar to most Drake albums, there are songs that are fantastic, then some you can easily skip. It seems like the album trapped out for two songs, then Drake sang for three, and switched back and forth for the rest of the album.  I guess this is the best way to go about it. You wouldn’t want just a whole half being trap then the second being singing… Actually that could work. I would skip half of it. 

I don’t know how to categorize the songs where Drake mainly sings besides calling them “singing songs” and the ones he raps as “trap songs” but that’s how my brains working today.

The “singing songs” were solid I guess. Play them in the car with a girl and things could go your way, but if you’re solo couch drunk you might end up picking up your phone and making a few too many phones calls you’ll regret.

Trap songs were OG lit though. Heavy bass and FIRE lines. I dug it a lot. Drake’s lyrics never wow me but he can switch up his flow so much and, well, you have to appreciate it. He brought in these foreign dudes on the album which is just a wild move. Expect some Jamaican dude saying shit you don’t completely understand throughout the album. Bringing in some foreign guys did open me up to British rappers, which is something I never thought I would say.

The thing that gets me irked about this album is that Drake calls it a “playlist.” Fuck off dude. This is a 22-song album that you’re charging people to listen to. No one charges people to listen to a playlist. DJ RD should start putting out his weekly playlists and call them “albums.” This is the Drake shit that pisses me off. It’s a fucking album. I’m not doing a playlist review.

Mac’s Picks

Top 3 Songs:

  1. Free Smoke”
  2. “Portland”
  3. “Passionfruit”

Sleeper Pick: “No Long Talk”

Bring to the Pregame: “Gyalchester”

Bring to the Postgame: “Sacrifices”

Go to Basketball Warm Up: “KMT”

When Don’t Get What You Want: “Can’t Have Everything”

When You Buy Glow in the Dark Condoms: “Glow”

When You Don’t Want Housekeeping to Knock on Your Door: “Do Not Disturb”

When You’re Blacked Out and Boot After You Take a Car Bomb: “Get It Together”  

When You’re the Face of Subway: “Teenage Fever”


Take a peek at my LIVE LOOK of the gut reactions to the album first time through:

P.S. The wine got to me and I passed out halfway through the album.


Free Smoke – Holy shit there are 22 tracks on this album. A little piano action to start it off, don’t mind it at all. Awwwww shit. It just broke the fuck down. Chorus is fire, “Free Shmoke, Free Shmoke”. Damn this is a solid intro. “Weezy had all the authority” – you tell em. Totally was not expecting this for the intro, high hopes for the album. Got some jamacian dude talking rn.

No Long Talk (feat. Giggs) – Damn that transition was pure excellence. Damn! Another song that bangs. Heavy bass. Hard British dude rapping now- kinda dig the direction. This album just makes me want to play basketball.

Passionfruit – Oh man, here we got the good old pop Drake coming in. First two songs were some trapping shit but I’m liking the way he broke it down. This song makes me want to be in the British Isles slow dancing with a woman who sells sea shells on the beach for a living. I think it’s the steel drum in the background – pretty sure that a steel drum. Damn fellas, if you’re trying to get laid, just play this song, it will work 10 outta 10 times. Tried it on myself and it worked fine.

Jorja Interlude – Holy Shittttt!!!! Another flawless transition by Drake’s production team, literally had no clue the song changed. Love it. Absolutely love it. I heavily appreciate albums where the songs just flow into one another. Drake learning from Run The Jewels. As far as the rapping in the song, very solid. Pretty short song but it’s very solid for sure.

Get It Together – I feel like I’m in a Norwegian Club circa 2002. That piano accent thooo. Pouring another glass of wine for this one- the girl’s gotta beautiful voice what can I say?

Madiba Riddim – What the hell is the title of this song? It sounds like someone trying to say a drum roll. Either way it’s got a real cool vibe. Sounds like Drake is having some friend issues. Song’s good nothing special, it kinda seems like a second part of the previous song.

Blem – Another singing Drake song. The album so far has a strong island vibe and I’m not hating it. I’m stuck here in Syracuse and it’s getting me excited for summer. Typical Drake song confessing his love to a girl. One of those songs people tweet the lyrics so people understand they’re going through a tough time. OH SHIT, is that Weezy at the end of the song??

4422:  Is Lil Wayne not in this song?? That’s such a tease. Lil Wayne hasn’t done ANYTHING in the past 8 years so I always get a little excited. Drakes not even on this song I’m so lost. Good song but kinda confused.  

Gyalchester:  The title of this song is wild. FINALLY we got a bumping song. I can only take so many lovey dovey Drake songs in a row. This song is nice, it’s a pretty typical Drake banger – nothing special – but I needed a break from Drake singing. Needed to trap out a little.

Skepta Interlude: God, I hate interludes. Wait, never mind, this is pretty hot. The British dude is rapping on it again. Not sure how I feel about British rappers but this isn’t the worst, like this song isn’t one of the go-to’s so far but it isn’t bad.

Portland (feat. Quavo & Travis Scott): I gotta admit this was the first song on the album that caught my eye when I was scrolling through the tracklist, it better be good. Oh man. Going with the recorder/flute. DAMN. This is HEAT. “Side girl got the 5S with the screen cracked, still hit me back right away”- $$ line right there. Yup, this is the radio hit, well deserved. Kind of a given tho with Quavo and Travis Scott as features, but this song is dope. No dissing the radio today.  “Michael Phelps with the swim moves, Michael Jordan with the tennis shoes” – another money line.

Sacrifices (feat. 2 Chainz & Young Thug): Damn this beat is fire. Sick brag bro, “Kendall turned 21.” We get it you hang out with Kendall Jenner. Solid rap song. Keeps rhyming the “-ates”, kinda cool idk. 2 Chainz is the real one, he hasn’t put out anything in what seems like forever so I’m not too upset to hear his voice. No way this is Young Thug. It does not sound like him one bit. So confused right now. Ok, he changed his voice to the normal one, I’m happy now.

Nothing Into Somethings: I hope this song isn’t what it sounds it is. Next thing I need is some mediocre college basketball player putting this title as their Instagram caption. Ok, Drake’s taking a break from the rap and going back to a little singing. Another love song. This dude has got to be going crazy. He’s so rich and all these girls affect him so much. Sucks to suck bro.

Teenage Fever: Song title is a little rapey here, huh Drake? Another singing song. I’ve never been a big fan of Drake’s passionate songs, idk maybe bc I’m a “guys” guys, either way at this point in the album I’ve gone through enough glasses of wine to become emotional. I don’t need your help Drake.  

KMT (feat. Giggs): WE BACK. BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG. Give me a basketball. Give me a shot. This song is my favorite. Turn it up to 11. I don’t know who Giggs is but he is very clear about his love for perky tits.

Lose You: This is gonna be another emotional one isn’t it? Drake, get me off this rollercoaster. My life was fine before this album now you got me questioning things. I’m getting sleepy from the wine. Alright song.

Can’t Have Everything:  Fire beat so far. Pumping it. Feel like I’m in Tron. DAMN! Love this flow. Absolutely. SHOUT OUT TO BUFFALO!!!! WE DID IT UPSTATE!! I only want this type of music on the rest of the album. I’m sick of him going from singing to rapping, it’s fucking with me hard rn.