I know in this snowflake world of fat- and slut-shaming, we don’t know what we can and cannot say. We don’t know who we’re going to offend. It’s why the world is so damn soft. Parents and teachers can’t discipline kids anymore and it’s all going to shit.

One thing that hit me this morning because the host on the XM Highway brought it up, is “rescue shaming.”

Maybe that’s not a good title for it, but what I’m talking about is when people who get rescue dogs throw it in the face of people who get purebreds.

Protest Dog Breeders.jpg

Literally, those people can go kick rocks.

I shouldn’t feel shitty about what kind of dog I decided to spend the next TEN TO FIFTEEN years of my life with… In fact, when I chose to get a purebred, I think I was using my head by carefully selecting the breed – you know the temperament, you know what kind of history the dog has (especially if you get it as a puppy, YOU build its history).

And I am not against rescues per se, but I am against people who look down on me for NOT rescuing a dog.

By some logic out there, nobody should have their own kids either until all of the adoptable kids or foster kids are scooped up. SAVE THEM ALL!!

I hate getting the following: “OMG, she’s so cute – was she a rescue?” Because I know when I answer there is a HEAVY amount of judgement on my ass.

Yes. I have only had purebreds my whole life… English Setters mostly (with the exception of a Bluetick Coonhound). Setters are great dogs and I regret nothing. They are great with kids and are excellent hunting dogs and, sure, maybe a rescue can do that – but for the 10 years I’ll be committed to the thing, I’m not really rolling the dice.

So if I’m not allowed to call a slut a slut, or call fat people fat, then don’t for a second think it’s alright to make me, or anyone for that matter, feel lesser for getting the exact dog I wanted.

Next thing you’re gonna do is make me feel bad for having an Electric Dog Fence for my pup…



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