Well, I’m clearly on a “let’s think outside the box” kick when I go from soccer to hockey… And not just sports-wise – we’re revisiting the Eastern European block¬†which we hadn’t done in a damn fortnight!!

Don’t worry, this is a damn good choice… This week’s New York Sports #WCW is Petra Volakova (Elias), wife of Patrik Elias who¬†played for the Devils basically since ‘Nam (from ’95 til last year).

Elias himself won two Stanley Cups in 2000 and 2003, and landed an even bigger “W” in Petra. Petra was a TV personality (see below’s hilarious greenscreen pic) back in the Czech Republic and is exactly as mysterious as you’d imagine a Russian woman to be. There is LITERALLY like nothing on this chick all over the internet…

Whatever, let’s get to it – the pics!!

Petra VolakovaPetra Volakova Patrick Elias wife wowPetra Volakova TV Czech RepublicPetra Volakova Patrik Elias WifePatrik-Elias-wife-Petra-VolakovaPetra Volakova Patrik EliasPatrik Elias Petra Volakova New Jersey Devils

I know this is “New York Sports” #WCW and I may get shit for a New Jersey player here, but we already give the Giants, Jets and Red Bull a place to play – the least everyone can do is cut me some slack.



NYC Sports Wives Doin’ the Damn Thing,