A few hours ago, Darren Rovell tweeted out the following:

For starters, a little pissed Bud gave Darren Rovell rights to announce this one… I mean, I’m pretty sure they got some loyal fans at Water Cooler Sports, but WHATEVER.

We’ve seen some GREAT cans from Bud over the years and these are just a continuance of greatness. It’s not even like other cans come close to the greatness that is Budweiser and their marketing.

From the “America” cans that ran last year (fire btw) to the American flag cans, to even that random “bowtie” can ploy, Budweiser continues to give me reason to buy their beer without hesitation.

Keep up the damn good work, Budweiser. I’ll continue to show up to every party I go to with a 30 of your golden deliciousness in hand.



Son of a College Bud Rep,