Let me start this thing off by saying I don’t believe in ghosts. I think that there’s an explanation for everything, so SORRY NOT SORRY if I’m a bit skeptical on this one…

There’s evidently a 2-year old kid from California whose mother legit believes he is, in fact, Lou Gehrig reincarnated. He recalls events that a kid who can’t read and isn’t from a “baseball fan” family probably shouldn’t know.

Okay, like what?

Well, he saw a picture of Gehrig and Babe Ruth and said, “they didn’t talk to each other.” While that is true, it seems odd to me that he referred to himself in the third person, no?

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The kid also saw a picture of Gehrig’s mom and said, “Mommy, you were her.” I mean, I’m pretty sure that’s just kids being cute, right? They see another mom and they’re like, “Oh, you’re just like my mommy but someone else’s!” Adorable.

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So what does this mother do to confirm this? She herself goes to a “pastlife regression therapist” and has her brain checked. Since she “is” Gehrig’s mom, maybe she herself can recall things in her past life… So what do they find out? Well, she tells a story about jewelry that Gehrig had given to her, that she then gave to a family in Japan. Again, she “recalled” this to that “doctor.”

So, they track the Japanese family down and LOW AND BEHOLD the family has the jewelry. Wow! Amazing stuff!

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Do I think this is real? No… HELL no. The mother is old enough to do research and come up with that story on her own.

Look, this is weird but it’s not “I think this kid is Lou Gehrig” weird. The mother easily could’ve looked that up so she can sell her tale. And for some people (looking at you Big Fudge), this will be a clearcut sign the kid is a reincarnate… For others, this is nothing.

Sorry but when his mother is looking to cash in on it, in her new book The Boy Who Knew Too Much: An Astounding True Story of a Young Boy’s Past-Life Memories – I think I’m 1,000% out believing this one.



Nice Try Lady,