Alright, so let me just start out by saying, no this is not a sport, it is a hobby, I understand that. BUT, there is something deep inside of me that is obsessed with this. Why you might ask? Well… lets take a look:

I mean these engineers, with wayyyyyy too much time on their hands, build these little robots whose sole purpose in life is to destroy other robots. There are many different common designs, the hammer (named after myself, obviously), the claw (named after Slick Willy), the wedge (named after Big Fudge), the saw (named after Q) and the flame thrower (named after DJ RD). (You know exactly why we associate with these robots.)

Now, obviously these are not the only designs for robots to destroy each other, but a majority of them follow these guidelines with their own modifications. I don’t know if any of you ever played with Beyblades or not, but this is like that on steroids. Big Fan.

My next thought, “What the hell do these guys do for a living?” Well, if you have ever seen Mythbusters, you know. Grant Imahara, after winning Battle Bots, went on to work for Mythbusters. Before that, he worked for Lucas Films, basically, being the man and working to create Star Wars.

However, this is not a story on Grant, this is a story about Battle Bots. So yeah, check out some more videos to see some more destruction, because, who doesn’t like to see things get destroyed?



To the Victor Goes All the Spoils,
Johnny Pasta Sauce