Listen, I love boats. Being out on the water cruising around on the water brings me a freeing feeling like none other. Personally I’m more of an ocean guy, salt water, bigger fish, it’s just more fun. However the other day I fell upon an incredible race that’s been happening down under since the 80’s.

I present to you the Dinghy Derby. For most mortals, a dingy gets you from the dock to a larger boat, or it’s just a little shitty thing that little kids screw around in. Australian’s have decided to take it to a whole other level. These boys take a shitty fishing boat, rip the seats out, reinforce the hull, and throw a bigger more efficient engine on.

The best part about this whole thing, they race in their version of the bayou.

We NEED this in our world of sports. I pray this makes it big. I’m not sure if any of you have had the pleasure to screw around with your boys on a boat but that video above is absolutely everything you try to accomplish. As a spectator sport getting rocked at these events with a bunch of Aussies seems like an absolute electric time.

Stay tuned for more coverage of dinghies!!



Boats & Hoes,