Figure skaters are a brotherhood, or sisterhood if you will. It is a tight-knit community where they all just “get” each other.

Well, except for this one.

Kristi Yamaguchi, former figure skating star, wanted to wish one of her colleagues luck, and in doing so, sent Twitter into an absolute tizzy.

(Seriously, click on the tweet and see the mayhem in the responses)

Why you may ask? Well, back in 1994, there was a bit of a scandal in the ice skating world when the “bad girl” of figure skating, Tonya Harding, and her husband colluded to club Kerrigan with a metal rod in the back of her knee to break her leg.

Dumbfoundead awkward yikes tension dumbfoundead GIF

So obviously when fans saw the whole “Break a Leg” comment, they had pretty good reason to give Kirsti a hard time. NOT a great look for Yamaguchi…

(For what it’s worth, she still has not deleted the tweet despite it being tasteless, and I think that’s hysterical and awesome)



Blades of Glory,